Marina City

Marina City

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Staple to the city. Another staple? Beginning of the fall also known as the Bears football season. I love the fall, it is the most perfect weather, not too hot, not cold yet. You can wear layers upon layers and watch the leaves changing. Living in a place with seasons is pretty great but my favorite season is always fall. The best things always happen in the fall, my birthday, thanksgiving (where you can eat everything and nobody will think less of you), best season for fashion (IMO), Bond movies usually come out in November, leaves are changing, and I can now make Pumpkin Muffins!

For me this year, it’s a big transition for me. I just finished working for a year on campaigns and I’m trying to figure out what I’m really all about and what I want to do next. Plus working on campaigns means no life, and I have not spent much time with any of my friends, unfortunately I’ve grown apart from a bunch of them and I want to build on what we’ve got. One friend in particular seems totally different now that I’m actually paying attention, and it’s been frustrating but if I want to be there for her I have to accept the changes she has gone through even if I miss how she used to be.

I’m going to enjoy the beautiful Chicago weather today. Hope you guys have a great day too!




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