Since I am from Chicago, I’ll be posted up by the TV shortly watching the Bears game. It’s funny how growing up I hated football because my High School team never won any games, plus I played volleyball so I had games or practice when their games were. I just never got into it. Once I started college, I was thrown deep into football culture, I went to a Big 10 school (Purdue) and my town, was a football town. There’s nothing like, getting pumped for the game by dressing up in Halloween costumes and getting drunk at 7am for Breakfast Club at Where Else? trying to get on College Game Day, when the rest of the school had the same idea, having the Boilermaker Special make its rounds and being woken up on game day mornings to the toot toot of the train, plus having Drew Brees as a Purdue Alum doesn’t hurt either.

During college I was all about Big 10 football, and the Bears (of course). But, I wasn’t open to the idea of other schools having better programs than us, wasn’t into hearing about how great the Patriots were. Since leaving school I’ve had to admit the SEC is the best (when I was in Atlanta and airport security wouldn’t let me through without an ID) and also be drawn into watching the Red Raiders (in 2008) on their fairy tale run. Even though I am opening up to other teams and their talents, when it comes to pro sports, I can never root for another team, it’s Bears, Bulls, Sox and Blackhawks for me.  Anyone else have hometown pride?

PS I’ve got a couple things on ebay that are ending today. Check it out? (it’s really for girls only!)

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