Budgeting with Mint.com

So I wrote in my lists post that I would be living through a pre-set budget. I wasn’t sure about how I was going to really stick to it, until one of my friends on facebook had a status update to check out Mint.com to give budgeting a go. Not saying this is my miracle to help me live within my budget, I’ll have to keep myself in check and be disciplined with my money. Mint’s fancy website has all of accounts in one place from my loans, credit cards, savings and checking accounts; I can oversee all of my spending habits, and plan for the future. It also is a secure website (Shouldn’t put all of your account information in one place if it’s not secure!). Most importantly its free!

I’ve created budgets for different aspects of my spending and my accounts will show where my spending goes if I am using my cards. I plan on on mostly using my debit card, I hardly carry cash ever. I’m definitely not a pro to being good with money, but here are the steps I’m going to follow to keep myself disciplined and keep myself in check financially:

  1. Never use credit cards.
  2. Use debit card for purchases.
  3. Have cash on hand for food/beverage purchases. (Once I spend it I can’t eat out anymore.)
  4. Pay my bills on time. (Always do!)
  5. Check mint.com regularly to see my progress.
  6. Don’t impulse buy.

Anybody have any tips for success?


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