Joy Yee’s

My absolute favorite place to eat at in the Chicagoland area is Joy Yee’s Noodles.

There are a couple of them in the Chicagoland area which makes it easy to get to. The main one is in Chinatown, the other are in University Village, Naperville and Evanston. Their cuisine is pan-asian, so there is something for everyone. Most importantly, they make the best bubble shakes in all of Chicagoland. I have not found another that can even dare to compare.

You can ask any of my friends or visitors, I love going there or bringing people who haven’t been. I’m always down for Joy Yee’s! My favorite thing to get there is the special beef noodle soup. It’s Pho, I know I can get it elsewhere but I really like it. My favorite bubble shake is the strawberry freeze, but I also like their almond milk tea without bubbles.

Reasons why Joy Yee’s Rocks:

  • Huge portions at a reasonable price
  • Wide menu selection (something for everyone!)
  • Fresh ingredients = Yummier food
  • Best bubble shakes in Chicago
  • Fast service (Your food comes pretty quickly after you order)
  • They deliver, you can do carry out AND you can now order online!
  • It’s BYOB. Need I say more?

Minuses (the few):

  • It’s crazy loud inside sometimes (something about acoustics plus how very popular their restaurant is!)
  • They don’t serve dessert (Or would you have a bubble shake for dessert?)

Now that I’ve blogged about Joy Yee’s, I feel the urge to drive over there and get an almond milk tea from them! Mmm..


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