October Wishlist

So, my birthday is coming (next month) and christmas. Today I tried to persuade my brother to buy me a new winter coat. So it made me think about a wish list. If I could have anything I’d get a digital SLR.

Something else that would help me get through this winter, a puffy down coat. Can you guys tell my brother to get it for me?

A new television for my living room that is not haunted.

Another bookshelf for my room. My book collection just grows and grows…

And last, Strega Nona’s spaghetti pot so I can always have some pasta!

What’s in your wish list for this month?


2 responses to “October Wishlist

  1. i LOVE strega nona! what a fab list you have here.

    my birthday is next month too, on the 7th!

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