What to do, What to eat in: Denver

This is the first of my What to do What to eat posts, I’m not an avid traveler but I’ve been to a couple places so I’d like to share my knowledge with my readers. Plus I told you guys earlier today I’d be writing a travel(er) series! Feel free to add in your thoughts or ideas in the comments section.

The first place I’ve chosen to write about is Denver. I spent a few months living there in 2008, so I’ve spent more time there than a lot of other places I have visited. I couldn’t say that I have been everywhere especially since I spent most of my time working, but the places I am recommending are worth checking out, I promise.

My favorite place to eat in Denver is the Market. It is located on Larimer in LoDo. It’s amazing because it has food with a home cooked feel to it. Some of my favorite things to eat is the artichoke pasta salad and cream of musroom soup! The staff are super nice and there is every kind of pop you ever dreamed of next to the counter. Plus you can get coffee and tea up front. Somebody told me that Jack Kerouac used to eat there. (They also told me he ate at My Brother’s Bar on 15th and Platte) One Friday I was feeling particularly good and went to the Market for lunch, what did I get? Ice Cream.

Best diner in Denver is Pete’s Kitchen. It’s on Colfax and High, open late. Great diner food, I’ve had grilled cheese and a slew of other things. Good comfort food.

There’s another diner down the street called Tom’s diner, but it’s just not as good. Plus the you can’t miss the cute little neon sign!

DAM also known as the Denver Art Museum. There is a lot going on in there, I especially like the art that is outside. (Note to everyone the art outside is NOT climbable and don’t try it!) If you like Art, especially Art Museums, you should hit it up. It is located in the Civic Center Cultural Complex on 13th and Broadwayish.

If you are in Cap Hill City O’City has vegan fare, coffee and a full bar. Great for if you live in Cap Hill and want to stop there for your morning cup of coffee and breakfast burrito on your way to work!

Bookstore and coffee shop: Tattered Cover. You can get your morning paper, coffee (it’s 10 cents off if you bring your own mug) and a breakfast burrito on your way to work. (I did that but without the morning paper.) They’ve also got good baked goods (chocolate chip cookies!) and soups. I can say I went there everyday for almost 2 months because it was just down the street from my old office.

If you like outdoor goods you should go to the REI. It’s their flagship store which is huge and amazing. It’s on Platte Street right off the Platte River. One of my friends told me she wanted to buy a kayak so they let her take one out of the store and kayak down the Platte River to see if she liked it! Yes, they are THAT awesome. (Well I think all REI’s are that awesome.)

If you want pizza, the best pizza by the slice is from Benny Blanco’s in Cap Hill, they’re open late but if you want to sit down and play some table top Pacman and drink some old style you have to go to Two Fisted Marios in LoDo. If you do go to TFM watch your bag, and the crowd, costume party fiends like to stop by on Weds nights.

Two places that I went to the most and have the fondest memories of drinking at Gabor’s on 13th and Wynkoop Brewery. Gabor’s is a dive bar which I frequented, it is cheap, cozy, has pool tables and a sweet juke box. It’s quite the dive but the staff is great and there’s a pizza place next door (or Benny Blanco’s down the street!) The Wynkoop Brewery is also a place I frequented, it was more for work socials but it’s a sweet place. It’s quite large, 2 floors, full bar upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs is good for dinner and getting a drink. Those who are into partying hard, you should head upstairs. Upstairs has tons of seating plus tons of .. pool tables! Plus an L shaped pool table.

L Shaped Pool Table @ Wynkoop Brewery

L Shaped Pool Table @ Wynkoop Brewery

For all you shoppers out there the Cherry Creek Mall is pretty swanky and has almost everything you ever wanted and Larimer Square in downtown is good for boutiques. Most of my shopping was getting things shipped to me from home… If you really do go visit Denver, you should try your best to venture into the mountains, they are magnficent and worth every minute you can spend out there.

Other things and places that I haven’t personally been to but heard is pretty sweet in Denver: Elitch Gardens (an amusement park), Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver Zoo, and The Aquarium.

Got any input? Leave a comment below!


One response to “What to do, What to eat in: Denver

  1. A couple of things to add:

    best slices now is Sexy Pizza on 11th and Ogden. Best Chicago style pizza I have ever had outside of Chicago is wyman’s #5 on 12th and vine.
    Tom’s Diner has the best milkshake in the city. A Dutch apple pie shake where they throw in a real slice of pie.
    Watercourse for great veggie food.
    Wash Park is the best city park there and Red rocks a must see music venue.

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