Goals Update 10.3

Just wanted to let you guys know how my goals are from my past lists post and my wish list… So, the day I posted my wish list I bought myself a black bookshelf from target and built it that night. So far sticking to my budgets on mint.com, haven’t touched anything in my savings and have paid my bills on time. Big goal I’m still trying to figure out is how I’m going to join a gym when I don’t know which one is for me? Plus location is key to my success… Where do you guys work out in the winter?

More blog posts to come this weekend!


One response to “Goals Update 10.3

  1. That’s awesome. Money budgeting is difficult but worth it in the end. My husband and I keep a budget excel sheet and try to update it every day but with school and work it’s been difficult… And as for working out…..our apartment building has a little exercise room so I take advantage of that. And the school gym is free so I go to that one sometimes. Good luck finding the perfect one for you! Maybe you should look into outdoor winter activities like snow-shoeing, snowboarding, skiing or something like that. It’s just as strenuous!

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