What to do, What to eat in: Atlanta

I had a brief stint in Atlanta earlier this year, and I can say it’s my favorite city in the south. It’s gorgeous, the people are extremely polite and it’s got some great food.

Atlanta is a car city, everything is made with cars in mind, valet parking is prevalent especially in the affluent areas. But even if you don’t have a car you can get around pretty well via their public transportation aka MARTA. Depending on how long you are going to be there the week pass is totally worth getting.

I tried to organize this post a bit better than my Denver post. I have an Eats section, Neighborhoods and Museums section! If you have anything to add at all, don’t forget to post in the comments section!! Enjoy.



The Flying Biscuit

Unfortunately I never got the chance to go to the flying biscuit but I’ve only heard rave reviews of this place, somebody take me there! You can check out their website here.


The Vortex

the Vortex

the Vortex

Home of the burger that will definitely give you a heart attack. It’s called the double coronary burger. You might have seen it on Man vs Food. It’s half a pound of sirloin with lettuce, onion, 4 slices of American cheese, 5 strips of bacon, and 2 fried eggs. The buns are actually 2 grilled cheese sandwiches too! I didn’t get the chance to have the amazing burger but I did have Macho Nachos, I can never deny a good plate of nachos. You can check out the Vortex’s menu at their website here.


Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Mary Macs Team Room

Mary Mac's Team Room

I had my first meal in Atlanta at Mary Macs. They have some mighty spicy ribs! Great place for southern food, classic place. If you want to go to a place with a little bit of Atlanta history, you should hit up Mary Mac’s Tea Room. You can check out their website here.


Pascal’s is THE place to go if you want to get some soul food, interesting enough there is a Pascal’s at the ATL airport. But, when I went in March I went to the one just east of Clark Atlanta University on Northside Drive NW. Pascal’s has amazing chicken, everything is greasy and makes your stomach feel verrry happy. The space their restaurant is in is huge, with tons of brick, clean lined interiors and big open spaces.


Lil 5 Points

Pretty much the center of night life is lil 5. There are tons of bars and boutiques in this neighborhood. It’s a great place to find deals and steals if you are shopping for clothes. There’s a vintage shop and a ton of clothing boutiques. There’s also an American Apparel for the hipster in everybody.

The Porter Beer Bar

Great selection of beers, nice little outdoor seating area as well. It’s a great place to go to end your night out.  Check out their website here.

There is also a sweet shoe store called abbadabba‘s that has really good service, I got my chaco’s there. Yes I own a pair of chaco’s!

Finally, another place of interest in lil 5 points is the bookstore, A Capella Books. It’s a great place to find used and new books. The people who work there are super nice and knowledge able. I’m a big fan of used book stores, and this one is pretty good. The one thing that would make it better is it if had more seating inside!


Home of the gays and Georgia Tech. Also home to Piedmont Park which is the place to be on any afternoon during the week. It’s Atlanta’s central park! It’s a great place for people watching AND dog watching!

Piedmont Park Lake

Piedmont Park Lake

Piedmont Park in Midtown

Piedmont Park in Midtown

Midtown is home to a Flying Biscuit, if you noticed the first place I listed in my post it is great and it is in Midtown! Also, Midtown is home to a really sweet LGBT friendly bookstore called the Outwrite bookstore. Check out their website here.

Virginia Highlands

The highlands is a nice little neighborhood tucked away on the east side of Atlanta. It’s pretty close to Emory University so you will see a ton of young people out and about, plus some yuppies.

Belly General

Belly General is a great lunch place, everything is really yummy and they have great sandwiches! I just really enjoy how simple it is inside.

There are a ton of great boutiques in the Highlands, I went to Mooncake Clothing company. and got a very nice summer dress. I also enjoyed half moon outfitters, and their “guard” dog golden retriever, he was such a sweetheart!

Neighbors Pub

I’ve been to this Pub once, and it was for trivia night! We were pretty close to winning the game but there was a ton of stiff competition. Food was good and the service was good as well. I remember having pizza there… Well, check out their website here.


Brick Store Pub

Brick Store Pub Beer

Brick Store Pub Beer

If you want some really yummy pasta try the BS Pasta, it’s a little spicy but it’s not too spicy and has sausage! I went to the Brick Store Pub for a green drinks event, it was a great way to meet other environmentally friendly people in the Atlanta area. Plus the bartenders were fun and there is a huggeee beer menu. Do try it if you are ever in Decatur, the pub is just off the Decatur MARTA stop.

Java Monkey

Nice little indie coffee shop across the street from the MARTA stop. You can get some good coffee, muffins, and smoothies too! My own thing is that when I went in it was a little too dark inside for me…

Museums etc.

Fernbank Museum of Natural history

Fernbank is tucked away behind some hills, I’m not even sure how I got there. But, if you like natural history you should hit up the Fernbank Museum. I went there one night for Martini’s at the IMAX. We watched some film that honestly I didn’t remember but I do know it was documentary and I giggled at parts I wasn’t supposed to. Overall a great night.

The High Museum

The High Museum

I got to go to the High Museum (Atlanta’s Art Museum) one rainy afternoon and saw China’s Terracotta Army exhibit. It was AMAZING period. There was a lot going on in the museum, but it was such a great exhibit, I would never have expected to see that in Atlanta of all places, but they had it! I am a big Art Institute fan and the High Museum is not as fantastic but it was pretty good.

Zoo Atlanta

The Atlanta Zoo is a fun place to go on a Saturday afternoon. It is home to a lot of different animals, one of my favorites the Red Panda! Also known as the lesser panda. I believe the Red Panda I saw at the Atlanta Zoo is male, and single… Overall I thought the Zoo was pretty big and had a great cartoon map of all the animals which made it easy to navigate.

Sidenote: There is a good restaurant just north of Zoo Atlanta called Stone Soup kitchen. It’s great for brunch, I had lunch there and I believe I had the Gigi salad. Check out their website here.

The last thing I want to mention is the Coca Cola Museum. I didn’t get to check it out, but I heard it is a fun place to go. Coca Cola’s HQ are apparently in Atlanta and the Museum where they showcase the fun of Coke! Plus I heard there is a Coke FOUNTAIN and I’d love to stand over it and just drink out of it, no? Maybe that was over the line. Anyways, next time I am in Atlanta I am definitely going to the Coca Cola Museum!

Well, that basically sums up my time in Atlanta. If you go visit, I recommend eating as much as you can! They have great restaurants and there is nothing like some real southern soul food. I’d gladly go back to Atlanta to visit again and hit up all these hot spots. Don’t forget if you have anything to add to post in the comment’s section!


One response to “What to do, What to eat in: Atlanta

  1. Deanna Smith (Fernbank)

    Thank’s for including Fernbank! Yeah, we are kind of hidden compared to some of the other attractions – but our location does allow for ample free parking! 🙂

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