1 Thing I Cannot Live WIthout

What’s one thing I can’t live without? That’s a very easy answer.

My LAPTOP!! My MacBook is probably my life. I bring it everywhere. I use it all the time. it has everything I need.

That’s right I have a Mac. I’ve been had one since ’04. I had an iBook but it died on me during last year’s work in Denver. It just melted down on me. I think it happened because I never turned it off. And I was on it 18 hours a day for 7 days a week. Super FUN!

RIP old iBook. 2004-2008

Really though, my macbook is how I stay connected to everything out there, whether it is through social networking, gchat, e-mail, reading the news, celebrity gossip etc. In addition, this generation of mac latops have built in isight so you can take pictures via photobooth or even do video chat!

What’s 1 thing you can’t live without?


2 responses to “1 Thing I Cannot Live WIthout

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  2. Not too surprising. I’ve been described by my family as “In Withdrawal” when we take visits to our Luray,VA cabin along the Shenandoah River when I have no internet connection. I’ve gone war driving looking for an open connection w/o success!
    I was linked to your blog via a Google search for Guild Wars (I bought a copy of all three campaigns from tigerdirect.com for $19.99 last month) My game buddy says there’s links to specific skills to use for a particular quest. Have you tried byond.com? Sort of teaches you to in a sandbox by building games, like that PS3 game with the little burlap guy.
    I’ve been a Mac kid before (College graphics classes & Cable Access TV w/ FinalCut Pro) I’ve been too poor to shell for a MacBook, but I DO KNOW WHAT I”M MISSING!!! So, it’s worse! Currently, I have an MSI Wind 100 triple OS netbook I bought off craigslist from a graduated CompSci kid not using it anymore. It has XP, Ubuntu & OS X via MediaFour’s MacDrive7 , but it’s hack has lost the functionality of audio in OS X & webcam in all OS’s. Do you have any info on bringing the audio back? No iTunes! Have you used any of the Cydia apps on iPods/iPhones? my buddy says I can hack 3G for free as it “Tricks” the phone into thinking it’s just WiFi. Do you know if you can use iPhone w/ a hacked SIM card? Thanks! Shawn

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