wearing today 11/19

Still trying different ways to take pictures. But I like the first one, it came out pretty clear too. I’m still saving up for my DSLR you will all have to wait at least several months before I have money for that and for me to post DSLR quality pics!

at the end of the work day I had one of my co-workers take a picture of me. as you can see i decided to let loose with the outfit. and i’m not used to having someone take my picture for me.

it has been a long week, i can’t believe i’m 24 and thanksgiving is coming. i’m planning on seeing new moon this weekend. who else is watching it? i’m going to make chilli tomorrow night too! i love having my one night a week I can be home early and make something for myself… that’s what happens when work is life.

blouse – martin+osa
cardigan – bdg
belt – urban outfitters
blazer – unknown
jeans – madewell
flats – kate spade

3 responses to “wearing today 11/19

  1. That green top is gorgeous!

  2. absolutely love the outfit, Emily!

  3. It’s very cute. I’m not sure about the pleated silk shape with the tight cardigan with stripes, but both pieces are great on their own! I love the cardigan + flats + belt look.

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