new moon

I was lucky enough to get out of work relatively early on saturday night and watch new moon with some friends. I’m not a twihard diehard fan, but I did read all the books this summer and i definitely am going to see all of the movies.

As I write this I’m listening to the official New Moon Soundtrack. It’s funny because the Twilight series is such a huge phenomenon right now. You’re either Team Twilight or Not. Most people I am around don’t care for it. I’m almost indifferent. I do enjoy the love story, and happy endings. The writing isn’t that great, but it’s a young adult, pop-candy book. People read what they want to, it doesn’t always have to be a literary classic.

I just think that everything around the twilight phenomenon is interesting, from the crazed fans, the story, the author of the book to the stars. Stephanie Meyers is a big Muse fan, which put them on the Twilight soundtrack. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may or may not be dating. (Although of a photo of them holding hands has recently surfaced on the interwebs) Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift.

I think it’s fun to be interested in things that are a bit mindless, a bit fantasy and overwhelming.

Onto New Moon. I enjoyed it, I watched it for entertainment purposes. I think the film really stuck to the book. (If you have read it) If you haven’t read new moon, twilight or seen the twilight movie, you don’t need to have any background to jump into new moon. I am easily entertained and love to laugh, and laugh I did through the entire movie. The lines are so cheesy, how could I resist? On top of the cheesy lines the scenes sometimes cheesy. My favorite is just seeing Jasper standing around looking at Bella, he does always look like he is in pain. Another good one is when Edward is walking through the school parking lot in his first entrance in the movie. His shirt blows in the wind, there is music is playing and Edward is simply walking towards Bella. It’s super intense and cheesy, I giggled a bunch.

If you like cheesy movies, boys with no shirts on, action and romance. Check out New Moon.


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