korean bbq!

I was lucky enough to go get korean bbq with my bf last weekend. we went to san soo gab san! it’s sooo yummy. it’s probably my favorite place in Chicago to get Korean bbq because the service is great, the people are friendly, and it’s sooo worth the cost! I order kalbi and matt order bulgogi and they provided us with 25 appetizers in little plates at no extra cost. Plus the lettuce and sauce for our meat! Definitely go if you are interested, it’s worth a shot!

5 responses to “korean bbq!

  1. this is making me hungry x

  2. Great, I did not know about this topic up to now. Thankz!

  3. YUUururrhhhmyyyy, can’t believe you got that many side dishes though, usually they do 4 maximum where I live! 😛

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