Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

Rodarte for Target

So I went to Target early in the morning Sunday and checked out the Rodarte for Target collection. I was actually pretty excited about the collection leading up to the morning of. By the time I got there, there were some pieces that had already sold out in my size. Unfortunately with these designer collaborations with Target, once they’re gone.. they are gone!

I had been basically waiting all month to buy clothes until I checked out the Rodarte collection in real life basically because I have limited monetary resources and cute clothes that are inexpensive are one of my most favorite deals. I’m really, this is the closest I’m getting to right now to anybodys RTW line. I was reading the cut blog’s article on the target collection and the comments were all really negative. I can’t say that I share those sentiments, but then again, maybe most of the people that read the cut have the $ to be wearing RTW 24/7. I’m extremely pleased with my purchases… they are my Christmas gift to myself.

First item: Blue Swiss Dot Dress

I really like this dress because I love the swiss dot pattern on the skirt.

In addition to that, the lace bodice is very pretty!

This dress is probably the first one I picked up, the color can bring it from day to night and I honestly think I can wear it into any season as well.

Next Piece: Lace Print Dress

At first I didn’t even notice this dress, but I like the versatility of the dress. The way it is cut, I layer all kinds of pieces with it (shirt underneath, skirt over it, cardigan, wear over jeans etc) I’m pretty excited about it and I like the lace pattern, I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that is printed lace.

And I know these pictures aren’t the best, but they will have to do for now!

Yeah and this is the worst picture… the sheer cardigan. But its way awesome in real life. I promise.

Next up: Navy blue striped boatneck shirt.

I think it’s always good to have strong basic pieces and this top is it: Nautical shirt!

Next up: LBD

This dress actually has a lot of little details. My fav is the bows on the shoulders!

Aren’t they cute?

Did anyone else go to Target to check out the Rodarte collection? What did you think?