Eat at Superdawg!

Superdawg is a restaurant in Chicago which is the only drive in fast food restaurant. It is a great place to get hot dogs and they are open until 1am Sunday-Thursday and 2am Friday to Saturday. I hadn’t been there since high school, but I got the chance to go last Saturday night with my boyfriend. He had never been before and I thought it was time to go.

If you recognize this picture, then you HAVE to recognize it is Superdawg! I love the hot dogs, one is a mr. hotdog wearing a tarzan outfit, and the other hot dog is a little lady wearing a dress. I think it’s really funny that the  hot dogs have human arms and legs. You can drive in and they bring your food to the car or you can go in and order and eat your food in a dining area. If you go to Superdawg, you have to get a Superdawg. (it’s a hotdog!)

I love the place because the staff are always super friendly and the food is super yummy. (Just the way a superdawg should be!) Their fries are pretty tasty too, they weren’t soggy or burnt… just right and they were the kind that were ridged(?). I love fries, and if my fries are soggy I will literally give them away because I will not eat them.

The food will even come in these retro looking boxes with their mascots on it. For me it’s almost like getting a happy meal everytime… I guess I like getting my food in boxes with cartoons on them even if it doesn’t come with a toy.

If you want to go to a Chicago landmark, you gotta go to Superdawg. It’s located at 6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago  60646. They are open every day at 11am, close @1am Sunday-Thursday and 2am Fri & Sat! You can check out their website here or browse the menu here. You can also follow them on twitter @superdawg.

I love Superdawg and I’m pretty sure you all will too, check it out if you haven’t already!


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