wearing today

wearing today: 12/29

The high today was 19 degrees fahrenheit. I didn’t want to wear pants so I just layered. And by layered I really mean my tights. I wore tights over tights. In addition I wore a few shirts underneath my dress. I stayed relatively warm all day, luckily I was inside for almost the entire day as well. For a few of the pictures I used a timer, and the picture quality came out surprisingly well. You amaze me everyday my dear camera… Not gonna lie though I think that I might have had too much going on today. It’s all in the details but when the details are too much the picture gets muddied. In my defense, I thought that the ruffles on my dress where an interesting contrast to my flannel shirt. But I wanted to do double tights all along!

dress: Akira
lace tights: target
red rights: hue
flannel top: dare you to wear me
white v-neck t: hanes t shirt

One response to “wearing today

  1. Love the ruffles with the plaid!

    Thanks for your visit & comment on my blog, you’re a doll, and I hope to see you back often 🙂

    ~*~Happy New Year~*~
    cara @ City Girl Chicago

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