wearing today

worn: out to dinner and movie with the bf

it was really really bitter cold out this day. so i wore a l/s top under a floral dress and topped it off with a blazer. we got some food at a local restaurant, i hadn’t been there in a long time and it was as good as I had remembered.

i had a gyro (i ate it too fast and didn’t take a picture.. well it looked yucky at the end..) and breaded mushrooms while the bf had a meatball sandwich and fries. simple yummy greasy food = awesome.

afterwards, we watched Avatar in 3-D! i’m so glad I watched it in the theater.. I doubt I would want to watch it on a regular tv. it was really fun and interesting. i’m all about love stories whether its science fiction or regular fiction. has anyone else watched it? what do you think?

top – american apparel
dress – f21
blazer – urban outfitters
jeans – bdg
shoes – dsw

2 responses to “wearing today

  1. Dang those pics are hot!!

  2. Thanks for your comment today! I hope you come back 🙂

    I love how you paired the striped blazer over the floral. So cute! And those boots! I love them!

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