wearing today

worn: today to work

the high is 38 today! so i didn’t want to wear pants. i was going for a white/red theme. also, i have declared every wednesday red panda day so I have been wearing red every wednesday. i declared it to increase the awareness of red pandas. i wrote about red pandas in a previous post read it here and my blog is called emily panda because i love red pandas. and pandas in general.

i think my outfit has a little too much white in it though. i’m more all about black… i think next time i’d wear black tights and black flats. too much white makes me feel too much like dorothy when i look down at my legs and flats. nonetheless wearing two tshirt dresses esp with a blazer will be keeping me warm all day!

white tshirtdress: james perse
red tshirtdress: american apparel
blazer: yumi mazao
tights: american apparel
flats: american eagle (payless)

4 responses to “wearing today

  1. so cuuuute!

  2. Oh my, is 38 degrees considered warm?

  3. unfortunately in Chicago 38 is warm for the winter!

  4. where r u exactly emily? why don’t u show ur face?
    love ur stripped dress..



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