busy bee

things are really hectic for me right now at work, and for those of you who read my blog have noticed i have been mia over the last week. i haven’t had much time at home to do any updates, although i have been able to catch some wearing today photos most of the time.  i haven’t even had time to read other people’s blogs! work is absolutely crazy right now, but it will be over very shortly. hopefully in about a week  I will be able to tell you what I’ve been up to and have some good news to share with you all! for now, I will give you some wearing today updates.

also the Gryphon Aldridge Trench is now available from shopbop.com

would you wear it? i don’t think i would for $875

outfit of the day!

i love this vest. it’s so versatile!! and classic. black vests just go with everything. well as long as they dont have random buttons or embellishments or odd proportions.

do you like my hello kitty humidifier? it’s in almost all my wearing today photos… and a total necessity in the winter months!

vest: h&m
top: abercrombie
camisole: calvin klein
skirt: akira chicago
tights: american apparel
shoes: tory burch

2 responses to “busy bee

  1. Super sweet, thanks! 🙂

    Great idea with the vest and flats. ❤


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