work wear

here’s a doozy i wore to work. ick i don’t like it. but i wore it anyways. basically, it was really freakin cold, I wanted to wear a dress but I wanted to be warm… Chicago winter is not good for wearing what I want.

so you see, you cannot see my body because I am ALL covered up.

well now that i think about it, these photos may not do me any justice…

well what do you think? y/n? i may never wear this again… or it may have a reprise in the near future.

turtleneck: urban outfitters
dress: jcrew
blazer: elizabeth and james
knit tighte: hue
boots: dsw

4 responses to “work wear

  1. I do love the dress a lot and the boots too, I like the outfit 🙂

  2. I like the ruffly bits on the dress!!

  3. Cute dress! I like the boots.

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