happy friday!

happy friday! are you all excited for your weekend? this is a really big weekend for me and my work, i’m excited about it and i hope it goes really well! do you guys have any special plans for this weekend? i’ll probably take it easy in the evenings… i have a very full weekend and next couple of days ahead of me.this is probably one of my favorite outfits right now, i love shirt dresses… t-shirt dresses… and dresses in general.

and of course the obligatory shoe shot. as you can see i do love wearing flats and no socks. the other day i bought those socks you can wear with flats from Target, but i don’t know how to put them on! there are two parts and theyre just… like ends of socks. How do you wear it?

cardigan: bdg
dress: kimchi&blue (?)
jeans: bdg
shoes: kate spade

5 responses to “happy friday!

  1. Love your dress!! So cute on you!!

  2. love your cardigan! i’m really into mustard color rite now =D

  3. Oh, those shoes are so great!!

  4. your dress is so cute! and i love your pointy-toed shoes. i agree they are better with no socks.

  5. adorable, as always! I’m really not sure how to put on those kind of socks, I’ve never seen such a thing! 🙂

    And thank you also for “leaving me some love” and your sweet words over at CGC ~ much appreciated girl!

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