back in action

hey everyone, so I haven’t been very consistent these last few days or weeks with the blog. but i can assure you  that i am back, and i am all yours bloggerverse! for the past 4 months i have been working as an organizer on a primary campaign in IL for an amazing candidate, we went from nothing to being 1 point behind our biggest opponent. We lost. but in the end, we did everything we could possibly do to try to win. i have no regrets, all i can do is do what i can to make sure we win as many seats as we can for the dems, of IL is in big big trouble and so may the nations policies. I know I don’t talk about politics much here, or at all, because i keep it completely separate, but I just wanted to let you all know what I have been up to all this time. If you want to talk to me about politics, campaigns or issues more feel free to e-mail me at My blog is not a place where I want to discuss these things and I will leave it at that. I’ve got some time off for awhile now, and I will be back and actively reading your blogs too. here is a little bit of the regular stuff for you… i wore this last week to an event. it was chilly so i layered, as per usual. does the dress look familar?

my cat tried to get in on the photo ops too.

i really need to clean my room. o_O

i am wearing one of my Rodarte for Target dresses! (if you didnt figure it out) I like how the tulle is underneath the top I am wearing.. makes it a little more interesting and different. I love how the tulle on the skirt is longer than the bottom layer too.

dress: Rodarte for Target
top: forever21
cardigan: behnaz sarafpour for target
tights: american apparel
leopard flats: jeffrey campbell

2 responses to “back in action

  1. CUTE! I love this!!

  2. It’s cute, though I’d wear a shorter top to elongate your cute cute legs!

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