a few of my favorite things

through these dreary cold winter months there are a few things everyday that brightens my spirits and helps get me through my days. really just cant wait for these gray days to be over and for the springtime to come. i need more colors to get through the days. so here are a few of my favorite things.my wristlet i got from gilt, it’s a great impulse buyer site. need an invite? anyways this wristlet is awesome because it’s huge and i can leave it in my totebag to keep myself organized.

my moleskine notebook. totally cliche to be using one, but i’ve had one since high school. i keep it in my totebag too, it’s a good place for me to write my notes and to do lists.

blackberry. need i say more?

vera wang princess perfume. currently my scent of choice. it’s definitely my favorite bottle

heart sunglasses. got ’em at target, and i’m so glad! they’re fun and quirky. i like to wear them when i’m driving around.

lion mittens! my favorite accessory for winter. i get teased for wearing them, but i know that the others are just jealous.

what are your favorite things right now?


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