lust list [february]

a new week is about to start. i’m kind of in this limbo place, i’m ready to start a bunch of new things… but I have so much opportunity I’m not sure which way to go. Ever feel like that? Something that i am REALLY excited about is getting a DSLR and an Ukulele in the next few weeks. Practicality is not really me I suppose… but I can finally put my “eye” to work with a great lens, who knows what will come out of it? plus i’ve been itching to learn the Ukulele for a few years now… waiting any longer i think will just make me put it off forever! i can’t wait to share some tunes with you once i learn it! well back to the style blogging…

here are some items im currently lusting after.

cage dress $98

moto jacket $54

jeffrey campbell pixie wedges $172

jeffrey campbell tick wedge in LEOPARD $168

slice and dice dress

black heart tights $28

i guess i really am just super into the whole black thing. might be because i haven’t been to a gym in more than a year. black is quite slimming, especially during a dreary winter. a few of these items may find their way into my closet soon. for now though, i shall lust lust lust… i mean I’m on a limited budget! my wardrobe has to work with me here…


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