wearing today

today Chicago is forecasted to receive over 14″ of snow in the next 48 hours. it’s been snowing consistently all day.. somehow it hasn’t affected me getting around town just yet! but we shall see for the afternoon rush hour. I’m about to test out a new gps too! I hate driving, but it’s nice when it’s blizzarding out to have a gps and good tires on your toyota 4runner!Valentine’s Day is coming, for those of you with sweeties, do you have any plans for the weekend yet? I won’t be seeing mine until next weekend…

sorry these pictures are blurry, I took them in a hurry!

gotta layer a bunch when it’s cold out… plus the boots to get through the snowy sidewalks!

top: french connection
cardigan: bdg
sweater: american eagle
jeans: madewell
boots: ugg

3 responses to “wearing today

  1. Yeah, holy crap with this snow, right? I love that cardi!!

    Joe and I will probably be making fondue at home this year….gotta say, I’m pretty excited!

  2. uh.. i dont celebrate valentine days.. my bf is in another city 😦
    lovely cardy anyway..


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