nordstrom mailer circa feb 2010

so yesterday i just got the Nordstrom catalog for february 2010. i was excited about shopping for spring, but this catalog really did it for me. pages and pages of SHOES plus cute dresses to boot.mustard shoes, YES.

i was drooling over the mustard lanvin flats i saw at barneys the other day, but these shoes… now these are what i have been looking for.i really like the pair in the bottom left corner. t-strap + mid-heel = win.

instead of spending $500+ on a pair of lanvin flats, what about these.. vera wang flats instead?

or what about these dolce vita heels? (the black ones) i love the ankle cuff, it’s a strong statement.

i also really liked the sam edelman shoes pictured below (bottom, middle). but i saw a close up recently and I did not agree with the little cutouts. maybe give me a few days and it will grow on me..

so, I’m a little confused. are gladiator style sandals still IN? or are they out? I thought they would be on the outs by now… but I guess that’s what people have said about Ugg boots right? anyways I think I still think gladiator sandals are flattering, I just don’t know if embellished ones are still flattering… nonetheless I am still very interested in at least seeing them on my own feet!

what do you think? i like the bottom pair the most, but if I got these, i may only wear them this year and then peace out girl scout go the sandals…

now onto some of the clothes…

sheath dresses… shift dresses… don’t mind if i do.i also love the bow detailing and the graphic print! i also like the smashbox set of makeup on the right hand page…


in rich colors for $39? Yes. Yes please.

i also like the color combination of this outfit, it is simple… and classic for spring!

so, no Nordstrom didn’t pay me to show off their catalog via my blog. i’ve always been a Nordstrom girl at heart. I could have just put every single page of their catalog in here if I wanted to, but I highlighted my favorite parts. Just goes to show how much my fave dept store is after my own heart. anyways, seriously if you don’t get the catalog you should probably just go to your local Nordstrom and look around. I can’t wait to!

listening to: she & him – i was made for you


2 responses to “nordstrom mailer circa feb 2010

  1. Ooo, those mustard shoes are my favorite!

  2. Agree with DC ~ you’ve just helped me add an item to my wishlist for spring!

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