new toys

I went shopping last week with one of my closest friends, we found some really good deals at.. the outlet mall! I’m so serious everything was crazy on sale too…

I haven’t been shopping in real life since… well probably September which makes it a good… 4 months or so? I do a lot of browsing on the web, but it’s never ever going to be a replacement for going to a bona fide shop… with salespeople and display windows…

I got a couple new things which I am really excited about, but these two are what I most excited about… see the pics after the jump!I had wanted oxfords for the longest time, I haven’t yet found a special pair at the right price, but when I found these… I knew they were the ones!

simple oxford detailling, and very comfortable!

I’m excited to wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses and especially with tights!

I also got a new wallet.. which I know I didn’t need but I couldn’t resist. People, this one is NOT like any others!

It was a little hard to capture the glitz of my gold wallet with my camera, but it will have to do. Yes, it looks like a simple little coin purse doesn’t it? Well it’s not!

Just look at all the different sections it’s got..

I have two favorite parts, first the coin purse part… because I am a sucker for the metal closure, aka the kiss lock closure. But the part I really like is that it has open sections for my photo IDs! can you see it? I’d take a photo of it, but I don’t really want you guys to see my driver’s license… eew.

so I can just add these things to the rest of the stuff that I have in my room… I need to tidy up…

I’ll be doing some wearing today posts soon. Since I’d been MIA I had lost the habit of documenting my daily outfits. Right now my time is being spent seeing old friends, eating and putting applications in for a new job! I’m on vacation mode really since I will be going on a trip soon I won’t be able to start anything realistically until after my trip is over I’ve been going through the process of job hunting very slowly. I’m getting better at it though, slowly but surely! Wish me luck!


2 responses to “new toys

  1. Love deals! Love outlet malls! I think you made some fab choices!

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