wearing today

monday = best day of the week so far. but i expect the rest of the week to continue getting better and better… it also helps that i have been very hopeful and optimistic lately.. last week was a big downer but i’ve stayed positive throughout.. it’s nice to be able to see the bright side of things more than the dark…

so last night i went out for dinner in chinatown and had some really good food…

and what i wore today. simple.

an easy outfit.. so easy even a caveman can do it! just kidding… but really i was lazy and it was cccccold out! with the snow and all… well today was seriously great. i was pretty much occupied all day, spending time with loved ones.. and working on cover letters! wow those things are harder than i remembered… I’ve also been working on catching up on lots of reading.. books, blogs, tweets, news, articles… everything. It’s been great I’m absorbing information so much better than before, I think because I have an open and free mind, not being occupied with a job gives my brain the ability to absorb fun… and things interesting to myself so much better!! i’m truly enjoying my time right now…

top: rodarte for target
sweater: american eagle
jeans: earnest sewn

One response to “wearing today

  1. yum that food looks so good! you are making me hungry. and i love your striped shirt!

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