weekend recap

now that I have had time to relax and recover from my long weekend .. I thought I would post about it

i was able to go down to visit my boyfriend, he’s finishing graduate school. i’m so excited for him to finish his program because i am so proud of him! he’s really just excited to get out into the real world… on the way down i get to drive by some of my favorite things. wind turbines!

there are a ton of wind turbines on my way out there, it’s so wonderful. in addition, more and more keep popping up everything I go down that way! i can even see the bits and pieces of the turbines on the ground, from pieces of the tower base to blades… its one of the most beautiful hunks of metal and technology i can look at.

anywho we got to spend some quality time together. we cooked some food one of the nights, no pics sorry, my hunger overcame my want to record everything. i think we watched the graduate that night too. i hadn’t seen that in so long, i forgot how goofy it was, but it’s so classic. ben is such a dummy.. he’s just sooo dense! it’s unbelieveable… i remember that movie was what got me into really liking simon & garfunkel though.

we went out on a date and i got to order anything i want. and i loveee eating. i got some soup, seafood pasta, wine, tiramisu and cappucino!

another night, we went out and saw a friends band playing at a local venue. they really rocked out.

the boys played really well, it was clear the crowd came for them and not the other bands. our friend paul did exceptionally well, he had a bunch of guitar solos and he was really good, he’s normally so modest. i’m glad i got to see him play, i’m not sure when it will happen again.

the venue was interesting, i forgot to take a photo of the celing. it was covered in band posters.. all different groups played there… stars, old 97s, feist, blue october, local h and a ton of others i dont care to remember anymore

we found a back room with some pool tables and i got schooled. i’ve never been good at pool, but its fun.

matt took a blurry picture of me, sorry to say this is probably the best pic I’ve got of my outfit for the night.

I’m just glad I got something to show for the night and my outfit.. if i had tried later in the evening i’m sure the photo would have turned out worse

headband: pitaya
dress: slash dress – online shop
cardigan: american eagle
tights: american apparel dot tights
boots: famous footwear

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