wearing today

got new oxfords recently. i’ve been pretty pumped to wear them out. I’d been looking out for a pair of plain black oxfords to wear, but the shops I’ve been seeing them at were suede, patent leather, different colors… or just out of my price range. I was excited when I found these, at DSW. They were in the clearance racks, I had scoured them for some finds, I wasn’t even really looking for any new shoes, just looking. And there they were.

they were perfect for me today. i wasn’t really feelin it since well, today was slow, i was up pretty late and have been in a funk. i swear i’m throwing out my circadian rhythm. went out for the afternoon part of the day and this is what i wore.

the light coming from the windown in my room made the photo come out a bit fuzzy.

i like the ruffled mess the shirt becomes at the waist, i can never perfectly tuck my shirts in anyways. and there are the oxfords.

top: kimchi & blue
skirt: club monaco
opaque tights: american apparel
shoes: marc fisher

4 responses to “wearing today

  1. Great Oxford’s , and they’re FLAT! where in the world? Good find

  2. Wonderfull shoes!!!!
    I want this shoes.

  3. what a lucky find- those are the perfect classic oxfords! i love them.

  4. Those shoes are INCREDIBLE!

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