John Paul Gaultier for Target

I’ve been really excited for all of Target’s different designer collections, eagerly awaiting their launch dates. Most notably, Rodarte was a huge hit for me, their dresses were perfect, unique not too girly but beautiful. I happily added their pieces into my wardrobe. I had happened across lookbooks for Gaultier, which you can browse here.

I happened to go to Target today to pick something up, and the collection was already out. I thought that it was launching tomorrow, but I think today was it. I combed the racks only to find….

I mean the pieces were like Ed Hardy or something. It was not good. I love Gaultier… but what is that? Tattoo themed shirt.. I know but why? I’m happy to get more explanation over Gaultier’s chosen aesthetic… please. Other pieces were semi notable.

Cute slip, for $34.99. But I just didn’t see myself wearing either the green polka dot one or pink…

And this dress.. while the style looked interesting to me. I went up and touched it… and it felt… like A PLASTIC BAG. Do girls WANT to wear plastic bags on their body as a dress? I definitely don’t.

In sum, I don’t usually completely put down something… I try to find the positive. But, I just didn’t see anything at all that interested me at all… I was very disappointed. For those of you going to check out the collection I hope you find something you like and enjoy it… as for me… I’ll wait for Zac Posen for Target to hit stores in April!


One response to “John Paul Gaultier for Target

  1. Heyy just found your blog and I love it!!!

    I will most def follow!!

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