-bulls game-

so i think i forgot to mention that i went to the bulls game last saturday. it was so much fun, although the mavs beat us. we were behind the entire time, but i didn’t stop hootin & hollerin the entire time i was there.

to be honest, our seats were killer. row 11!

unfortunately we didn’t get on the kiss cam either.

i went to the game with one of my very good friends, also named Emily. We got pho before the game.. it was amazing and very filling. After the game we went to a bar to celebrate a friends birthday, discovered my new favorite shot, the chocolate cake. has anyone else ever had it? You take it, and then the lemon which has sugar on it, effectively making your tastebuds tell your brain that you just had CHOCOLATE CAKE. That’s right. CHOCOLATE cake.

and forgive us for the blurry pictures (my cameras fault) and the funny faces i’m making. i’m obviously not sober.

cardigan: american apparel
dress: american apparel
skirt: akira chicago
tights: target
purple suede boots: famous footwear

3 responses to “-bulls game-

  1. The basketball players are STILL SO BIG!

  2. How fun! I miss going to sports games! I love your purple pieces in your look!

  3. i love ur boot and ur skirt,, it great pair..


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