-monday blues-

just got back to Indiana yesterday afternoon, being in a car for so long was making me go crazy. I think I’m really addicted to technology and the internet. I missed my news! I needed it instant. I still have one more leg of driving to go on my own before I get back to Chicago. (I’ll be doing that tomorrow morning.)

but first just wanted to say that I read about Aveeno’s new shampoo in either Glamour or Lucky Mag, and I tried it out yesterday. WOW it made my hair feel so light and soft!!! (No they are not paying me to tell you guys this) My hair really needed that extra boost after using a 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner the whole week I was on my trip. My hair did not like that… well my roots especially didn’t like the conditioner!

how does my hair look?


2 responses to “-monday blues-

  1. shiny healthy hair!

  2. Your hair is beautiful! I’ve tried this Aveeno shampoo out as well and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m currently trying to use up some over-priced bottle I was convinced into buying at the salong that’s not nearly as good, so perhaps I’ll switch back when I can đŸ™‚

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