-sb photodiary 4-

last set.

hope you enjoyed my trip as much as I did. I still can’t believe I’ve grown up most of my life without mountains. I remember seeing them for the first time when I was 10, but it’s different seeing them from afar and then SNOWBOARDING on them. It’s a huge difference. Plus when I was 10 I saw them without snow, not as magnificent to be honest.

sorry there hasn’t been much of a fashion focus in this last post. the photodiary series was really just to highlight my favorite photos of the hundreds I took while on my Spring Break 10 roadtrip I took with the BF and his ridiculous friends. It was great, no really it was for me, especially since most of the time it was 1 girl (me) + 6 boys for most of the time.

also I know these photos are probably all best enjoyed in large, sorry I haven’t picked up CSS yet, but this website is going to be re-modeled relatively soon and you can all say goodbye to “medium” photos!

after my trip I developed a cold/sinus infection. basically threw me into a hazy gray perspective for a few days. after coming out of my gray coma I started wearing less sweatpants and more jeans/skirts/dresses. I’d show you what I wear when I feel sick, but I don’t think anyone really wants that now do they?


3 responses to “-sb photodiary 4-

  1. great photos! Looks fun!

  2. Ah, I’m so jealous! I love snowboarding and I only get to do it once a year!

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