first 75 degree day of MARCH!

In celebration of this beautiful day, I spent part of it out doing errands. Really though just being able to drive with my windows down blasting Whitney is a celebration right now.

I can never deny that Whitney is a Diva and fabulous.

I, on the other hand. Not a Diva. But I like to be fabulous. Although today was not so much fabulous on the outfit, more like comfort. I love a cotton t-shirt, cotton skirt and flip flops. Yes, I am a flip flop wearer. I think they are so yesterday, but so comfortable and easy to slip on, I won’t let go.

It was so warm out that I ended up not needing my cardigan. Especially since I don’t have a/c in my car! Don’t think that will ever get fixed…

t-shirt: american apparel
cardigan: gap
skirt: gap
flip flops: reef

One response to “first 75 degree day of MARCH!

  1. Isn’t it just the greatest to be able to wear a skirt with no tights. HUZZAH!

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