time to embrace spring, but i cant let go of winter.


I can’t believe it’s spring. I can’t. Which is why I’m having a hard time letting go of wearing black. Dark colors are my winter staple. I can’t truly enjoy wearing bright colors, prints, florals etc. unless winter is long gone! It’s unseasonably warm here in the windy city, but will it last? Knowing Chicago, it won’t, which is why I am still wearing my black.

1. I’m amassing a collection of magazines that have been arriving via mail since I’ve been on vacation. I can barely motivate myself to read them all. The stack is 9 as of today. No wait, I bought a fitness magazine at Jewel yesterday, that’s 10. (I didn’t read a single page when I got home, I cooked and ate to my hearts content!)

2. I’m going to have an interview today, and I am nervous. I’ve never been nervous for an interview to be honest. I should be prepping for it, but here I am, writing for my blog.

3. I’ve decided not to buy anymore new clothes until 1) I get a job. [I’ve been unemployed since the last campaign I worked on ended in February!] 2) I lose a teeny bit of winter pudge. Like 5lbs [I’m being realistic, here!] 3) you saw the word new right? Well I can buy second hand and accept gifts! (anyone want to buy me some clothes?)

4. I am trying to grow my hair out. I hate short hair. Well one day when I’m feeling really edgy and confident I will get a pixie haircut. But since that day hasn’t come yet, I hate short hair.

5. My cat has been sneezing like crazy these last couple days. Can cats have allergies? Hayfever? Should I vacuum? And yes cats sneeze, it is absolutely adorable when he does!

bags: for a weekend adventure. I try to pack light, my bf says I overpack whether its 1-night or 14 nights. He still loves me, so I’m not too worried. :]

cardigan: bdg
black body suit: (worn underneath it all..) american apparel
jeans: urban outfitters
boots: dsw

3 responses to “time to embrace spring, but i cant let go of winter.

  1. Will the warm weather last? Indeed, that is my question. BEST of luck on the interview!

  2. Now that you mention it.. I am sad that I won’t be able to wear black now too!! 😦

  3. Ah but your sweater is yellow, and that’s springy! And who says you can’t wear black pants in the spring – I definitely still am! 🙂 Good luck with your interview!

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