spring is here

It’s extremely clear that spring has sprung in Chicago. For one thing, Easter was absolutely beautiful until it turned sour with massive thunderstorms.

As I pass through the neighborhood I get to enjoy spring flowers in bloom and trees with buds! This and the ever changing weather but mostly the giant thunderstorm is indicative of Chicago Spring.

As spring comes, so does Easter! I went to church for Easter and the kids with their Easter outfits was definitely one of the many highlights.

For Easter Sunday I wore a my favorite spring dress, it’s very sweet and light. I wore it with my leather jacket from ZARA but I didn’t get a pic with it! OOps. It was really breezy all day though so I had to hold my skirt down!

Today is opening day for baseball, I’m pretty excited to see what the season brings for the White Sox. IN addition tonight is the final game for NCAA Mens basketball, Duke vs Butler! The game is on at 9:21ET on CBS. I will absolutely be watching, and if you don’t like sports, you can always watch gossip girl!

dress: from a boutique in Atlanta
shoes: stella mccartney

2 responses to “spring is here

  1. Oooh, that dress is fun! I quite like it!

  2. Seriously, YAY FOR SPRING! I love the pattern on this dress!

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