the punk rock show

I went to a concert last weekend with my boyfriend. it came up pretty quickly, we had seen this band together before, and funny thing is they are the only band I’ve seen live more than once. I enjoy concerts, but I just.. don’t go to too many of them. the concertwas on the west side, which was pretty quiet… even for a Sunday night.

the show was really good. we didn’t catch all the opening bands, just the one before. it was a bunch of boys wearing plaid shirts and rocking out. it was a bit different, they had a double drumset thing going on which was really sweet. they really revved up the crowd to be ready for the headliner, the RxBandits.

I tried taking pictures at the concert, we actually weren’t that far away but the band was moving around so much and with so much energy they were really hard to capture.

top: forever 21
jeans: bdg
shoes: tory burch
necklace: bought in a boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

3 responses to “the punk rock show

  1. I love the delicate little necklace you’re wearing! It perfectly offsets your cute and colorful top!

  2. Cute! I am nervous these days when I go to punk rock shows. I used to go to a ton of them when I lived in SF, but I was younger then and had different clothes. Punksters can be surprisingly snobby about clothing.

  3. love your necklace x

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