cynthia vincent for target

Let me tell you it was an adventure finding the Cynthia Vincent collection. Seriously, everything was pretty much gone everywhere, and online. I woke up late. Typical. And when I checked Target’s website, everything was basically sold out except for maybe size 11.

I went to… 3 Target stores. Wish I never went to the third, because all the shoes I got today were from the Second store. In addition, those flats advertised on the website, were nowhere… absolutely nowhere to be found in person at Target. There weren’t even tags on the shelves to indicate they were being sold in store. That was the only thing I was truly hunting and I think I am out of luck with those.

Oh and at the second store there was this extremely tall dark haired girl wearing the ethnic wedges with sheer black tights walking around the shoe section. I think she was really suspicious… ALREADY WEARING THE COLLECTION? It’s noon!! Ok sorry about that rant.

I’m going to show you what I got, but really I’m only showing you 1 pair, because they are the best. If I can give a review.. I’d say… they are perfect for Spring/Summer especially because of the bright colors! The material is very light, ankle strap is velcro (! who knew?) and the wedge is comfortable to walk in. I love heels, but I rarely spend all day in any, EVER because my feet cannot bear it. Which.. is also why I wanted to buy some flats!

First thing. I love the pretty yellow color of the box the shoes all came in! So bright and perfect for Spring!

I am so glad I did my nails a few days ago!! But my question to you readers is, did any of you snag a pair or more from the Cynthia Vincent collection? I’d love to see them!


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