we don’t need to say goodbye

Last week I wasn’t posting much, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned my blog. No, I’ve been thinking about it. But, I’m not going to post just to fill cyberspace. I was busy last week, and things happen. So sorry for not being around last week, but I’m here now! Here is a little glimpse into what I was up to.

My car hasn’t had a car wash in over a year. not sure how it stayed relatively clean, I drove it in the worst weather typically.

I gave it the car wash it deserved the other day. I’m glad my car wash didn’t cause Chicago to have rainy weather last week!

And the worst thing I had to do last week, bring my poor tabby to the vet. He is getting old and he is really sick. But he is the happiest little darling I could ever ask for! Well, he’s not when he’s in his carrier…

This week is going to be a little crazy, but a little less errand-like and a little more social-like. Hope everyone has a great week!


3 responses to “we don’t need to say goodbye

  1. Your tabby is so handsome. I wish him good health!

  2. Carwashes are so fun 😀 and your cat is so cute!

  3. did you ever figure out that CSS issue?

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