horchata, who knew?

I went out for dinner with my friend Tony the other day, and he brought me to this really sweet Mexican restaurant on the South side, off I-55. He was geekin’ out about showing me his hood, which was cool with me, although I knew the hood a bit since my family lived there back in the day. He knows way more than I will ever about it though, so I was happy to be taken to the land of Horchata.

We got steak tacos, and I had Horchata! For the first time in my life. I thought, when I was sippin’ the sugary-sweet-concoction that I had it before. But, really, there is just no way. It just reminded me of sweet milk tea. But it was something completely different. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture, or I’d post it. I didn’t even look inside the styrofoam cup it was inside. I just trusted Tony wouldn’t show me wrong, (he’s never done so before). It was sooo good, I was drinking it for the rest of the night… even while we were playing volleyball after dinner!

Oh and ladies, I think Tony is single… so if you wanna holler…


4 responses to “horchata, who knew?

  1. p.s. thats a nasty pic of me.

  2. YUM!!! That looks delish! I’ve horchata once but I wasn’t a fan… My husband LOVES it though.

  3. horchata is great. i’m glad you know about it. mmmmsweetmilkygoodness.

    also, i can’t even figure out how to get pictures on my blog. oy.

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