According to Women’s Health magazine, “Stats suggest that living together before marriage slightly ups your odds of splitting.”


2 responses to “shocker.

  1. dressdarling

    I’m thinking that your “shocker” is sarcastic… why is that?
    I’ve always thought that I couldn’t never marry someone I’ve never lived with.

  2. Those stats are kind of off base, however, because it’s only measuring the couples who are only moving in together on a whim, to “test drive” marriage, rather than those who discuss it cerebral-ly, who figure out the other’s living habits, daily routine, cleaning style, financial style, and then work a life together with the goal already having been set that marriage is the final destination.

    These studies are always skewed because most average couples are stupid enough to live together without the idea that this will go any place. I think people should only live together prior to marriage–ALWAYS–but only if they are 97% sure they are definitely going to get married, and they are just trying to meld their lives together already.

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