foggy top

I hit up the Mag mile last weekend (erm, Magnificent Mile for you non-Chicago peeps.. it’s a 1mile stretch of Michigan Ave. of Shop-Til-You Drop) hanging out with a few friends. We watched How To Train Your Dragon, (It was absolutely adorable…) and went out for dinner.

Somehow on the Mag Mile, I didn’t buy a single thing. It’s so unlike me. I plan on going back in a few weeks to do summer purchases! I want to be, financially responsible but also get things that will fit with the rest of my wardrobe! Are you guys going to plan summer buys like me this year?

Well here are some photos that are completely.. non-summer.

It was absolutely eerie out. For some reason fog reminds me of the fall, but maybe because it makes me think of Halloween and spooky things? It’s more of a Spring occurrence right? Anyways, I’m hoping that next time I go to the Mag Mile it will be full of sunshine and blue sky!


3 responses to “foggy top

  1. Totally non-summery, but totally beautiful all the same. That being said, I can’t wait for the sunshine and warmth to hit us!!

  2. Wow….These pictures are crazy!!! You can’t even see teh tops of the buildings. It’s like they made it to heaven.. lol

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