black and blue

Just because my socks and jeans don’t match by color doesn’t mean I can’t wear them together.

And not only am I super tall with these shoes, I have to take my pic super far away from my mirror. Because I have instantly become a giantess.

See what I mean? Plus my feet are like 30 feet away from me now. It’s awesome right?

Oh and I started using two mascaras. One lengthening + one volumizing. Totally works. AND I love it. The only thing I definitely leave the house wearing everyday is mascara, so I might as well pump it to the max. What make-up can you absolutely not leave the house wearing?

cardigan: bdg (urban outfitters)
top: urban outfitters
jeans: madewell
knee highs (worn under jeans): target
platforms: jeffrey campbell

10 responses to “black and blue

  1. Yowza! Those wedges are AWESOME!

  2. Those shoes are so cute! And i love them with the red top and super indigo jeans!

    I never leave the house without lip gloss, though, MAC Studio Fix powder comes in at a close second.

  3. I really like your platforms 🙂

  4. those sandals are great!! you make a very chic giantess in them. i love how you paired them with socks. and i like the shirt a lot too!

  5. you make me SMILE!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. amazing shoes! can you walk in them? and color matching is overrated, methinks (especially since i stink at it!)
    alltumbledown:a modest attempt at style

  7. I want those shoes.
    xoxo from Sweden!

  8. I just stumbled unto your blog an I love it! Those Jeffrey Campbell platforms are awesome!

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