favorite jeans, yes please

i  know this outfit isn’t out of the ordinary… not particularly cute or sexy… but if I could wear this everyday, I totally would.

these madewell jeans are my favorite pair of jeans I’ve ever had hands down. they fit is good, it’s comfortable, and it’s so basic I can wear it with anything at all! I should have bought several pairs.. not just this one! I’ll be so sad when I rip them one day… which is totally bound to happen…

[cardigan] bdg
[white tee] american apparel
[skinny jeans] madewell 1937
[moccasins] minnetonka

5 responses to “favorite jeans, yes please

  1. Perfect jeans are always such a relief, once you find them.

  2. dressdarling

    Hi! I found your blog from one of your comments on College Fashion. I’m from Chicago too! Although I’m in Massachusetts for college. I like your blog! You speak your mind, and you have cute clothes. Keep it up ;D

  3. Oh I really like your moccasins!

  4. Nice cardigan, i love the color!

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