I made cupcakes from SCRATCH. Can you believe it? I’ve never done such a thing, and I did it literally all by myself. It was a mini adventure getting all of the ingredients, having to go back to the store several times especially because I didn’t even have anything to mix the ingredients together with… But, in the end they turned out just fine and tasty. I’m looking forward to discovering new recipes to bake and cook this summer. I’m very inspired by my friend Emily and her boyfriend Joe. They are amazing cooks and bakers, every time I go by their place I learn so much and now I feel, I can finally apply some of the things they have taught me. I am grateful for amazing friends who continue to inspire me to be better.


One response to “cupcakes

  1. Aw! Thanks for the shout out! I’m hoping we can make more stuff for you sometime this week…

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