World Cup 2010

Who is excited for the World Cup??? I am excited, not as much as some of my friends, but after looking over the recent article with tons of photos of World Cup players (wearing not much at all) has got me pretty pumped…

ph. Vanity Fair

Anyone else going to be watching the World Cup this month?


8 responses to “World Cup 2010

  1. YAY WORLD CUP! I’m totally trying to convince my office to have parties for each game.

  2. well, in Europe we go nuts for the worldcup! Crazy Parties on the streets!!!!

    greetz from berlin!

  3. Yes, the World Cup will be pretty awesome =) My boyfriend can’t wait for it. It is an opportunity for us to get out of the house, have tasty food, and for me to wear cute clothes… oh yeah and see good looking players.

  4. So excited for the world cup! Nice blog, just found it!

    D E G A I N E

  5. EMILY. I am a married woman!


    Yes.. Soccer may be my favorite sport now…. hahahah

  6. Hah my boyfriend leaves for South Africa tomorrow and I have to say I didn’t share his enthusiasm.. until I saw the feature on the players. Wish I was going now!

    xx Cristina

  7. I’m so excited! … I’m mexican! so I’m very passionate with soccer!
    Lovely Blog!


  8. ooh hell yeah! the world cup players! is really a shame that is almost gone… am gonna miss all the hotties.

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