all ears and minds

Recently, went out to chinatown to celebrate 1) my daddys bday and then 2) fathers day! My parents certainly know how to order a good meal! I didn’t get a photo of every single dish.. so this is just a sampling of what we had.

As usual, posting these food photos made me really hungry…

So sidenote, my brother just informed me that he wants to put our family’s cat to sleep. To be honest my brother does not live with my family or me, he just came home for a while to visit. My cat’s health has been ailing, I may have touched on this topic briefly in an earlier post, but I don’t believe that my cat is at the point where his health is giving him so much pain that we need to euthanize him. [My cat has diabetes, but we can’t afford to give him insulin, for now he is on a special diet. He has continued to keep us all company in the house and stay with me in particular wherever I am in the the house. I believe he is content and for the most part happy with his life] But, am I blind to see something that is actually there [my cat’s pain possibly?]. Am I being unreasonable to not want him to be put to sleep today?

Sorry this topic is so dreary, but if you kind readers have any experience with pets that you can share with me.. it would be a great help.

I wore a She and Him t-shirt, gap cardigan, madewell jeans and anya hindmarch sandals from gilt groupe (need an invite?)


8 responses to “all ears and minds

  1. Oh this topic is sensitive to me, just a few months ago we had to put my dog to sleep. She started having seizures though and was in obvious pain, so even though it was awful to have to make the decision, it was pretty clear that we were doing what was best for her. Honestly, if your cat doesn’t seem to be in clear physical pain, I would never agree to have him put to sleep. I mean, you live with him, so you wouldn’t be able to ignore if he was really truly in pain. It definitely isn’t your brothers decision, if he doesn’t even live with the cat…

    Oops sorry, I went on a bit, but I guess I just wanted to let you know if you want to talk about it with someone who recently went through this, I’m here! And I’ll support you whatever the decision is! 🙂

  2. If it were me, I would at least take him to the vet to get a professional opinion. But if he seems fine and content and not in pain, why put him to sleep?

  3. I will send you an invite!! Send me your email 🙂

    xo Lynzy

  4. Best of wishes for healing of your heart. On the happy side, I love your shirt.
    And what are the names of those dishes? I’m intrigued.

  5. That looks sooo delicious!! And you look so cute in that tee!

  6. yum that looks like a great meal! i love your tee- i am a she & him fan as well. ~joelle

  7. I hate to see an animal suffering when there is no cure. I would definitely agree with you, thought it’s such a hard situation.

  8. Yum!
    And i’m sorry about your cat 😦

    XX Aleisha –No Rock Without Plastic

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