30 for 30 – Outfit #3

I was lucky enough to go to a fantastic White Sox game Monday night, where the Sox kicked the Angels but 9-2. I saw 4 home runs and the MVP of the game was my (new) favorite Carlos Quentin! After the game was a fantastic fireworks show. We sat in the bleachers, so I was right below those suckers. Scary right?

Today I present you with Outfit 3 of the my 30 for 30 challenge.

I wore my Zara cat print dress under my belted Zara skirt with my anya hindmarch sandals. (I guess it was a Zara kind of day)

So I bought blue cotton candy. But I traded it for, PINK! Pink is tastier, IMO.

Me and my BF. It was too hot to wear my White Sox jacket, soo I was White Sox gearless. Also, let me introduce you to my new best friend. He’s a bit of a quiet one tho.

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11 responses to “30 for 30 – Outfit #3

  1. This is perfect pattern mixing! You look lovely!

  2. i love the mixing of prints in this outfit- it is so cute!! and sounds like the game was a lot of fun.

  3. What a great idea to wear the dress as a top! I actually think I like it better this way, it tones down the all-over pattern and gives the dress a totally different look!

  4. This is SO cute. I want cat-print something now.

  5. That top is so adorable and I love how you paired it with the striped skirt 🙂

  6. Great combo! I would never have known that was a dress unless you said so. I really want to try the skirt over dress look, hopefully I can pull it off as well as you can.

  7. Cute idea to wear that dress as a top. You look so cute.

  8. I am really, really into that cat print! I want something with cats on it now 🙂

  9. I have Zara days too! I love this look, sounds like a really fun day too

    xoxo, Ashley

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