30 for 30 – Outfit #4

Sorry some of these photos are a little blurry. I don’t have my amazing BF to help me take my pics so I was working on using the self timer on my point and shoot. I think that you can still get the gist of my outfit.

I wore my white cotton dress (18) + gap gray cardigan (28) and target sandals (23). I also accessorized with a wide yellow belt.

My AC at home is broken.. so I’m going nuts with this heat!

Stay cool friends!

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4 responses to “30 for 30 – Outfit #4

  1. you are doing such a great job<3 Love it!

    XO Lynzy
    Don't forget to enter my bow headband giveaway if you haven't already! ❤

  2. White cotton dresses, especially with a fabulous print, are perfection in this heat.

  3. That yellow belt really sets off this sweet little dress! gret outfit!

  4. Cute dress, I am joining the challenge this weekend so thought I would come say hi
    Daisy Dayz Home

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