Here we are. Outfit number 8/30 for the 30 for 30 challenge! (more info here) Looking back on it, on the day I wore this outfit, I did a TON of stuff. But that will be saved for another post. (It mostly involved food) Anyways it has continued to stay hot and rain frequently in Chicago, so you just never know. But my outfit, made it through all the weather changes of the day.

I wore a black t-shirt (29), zara people skirt (16), and anya hindmarch sandals (24).

I also accessorized throughout the day with my rayban wayfarers, thrifted leather bag and rosette barette. That evening I went to millenium park to watch Caribou play a free show in the park! They were great, I had never heard of them or heard their music before. I highly recommend them if you are into upbeat electronica dancy music.


4 responses to “8/30

  1. You are doing a great job girl<3
    xo Lynzy

  2. Love those sandals! Hope you’re stayin’ cool out there!!

  3. I love that you are doing this challenge.

    Great sandals.

    Hey, I mean this as lovingly as possible, and in a constructive sort of way, but I don’t think that shape of the skirt and the slightly loose-ish cut of the shirt are very flattering for you. (And for me). Chesty girls should go tight on top and voluminous on the bottom for balance, or looseish on top with a pencil skirt. I think this kind of weighs your cute little body down and makes you look shorter and more voluminous than you are… I hope that is not unkind, because I mean it in the most constructive, loving way.

    I think, maybe try wearing the skirt about 2 inches lower and the wear a tighter top, and it would really bring the best out of the outfit.


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